The Exway Atlas is a high performance, all purpose, moduar electric skateboard.

Easily swap between a smooth dual motor drivetrain, and an ultra-capable, ultra powerful quad motor monster drivetrain. Customise almost any part of the Atlas to suit your needs - from the powertrain, to the motor controller, to the battery.

Available in Original, PRO and PRO Gear Drive - there is something for every next level rider.


Continuing the lineage of the beloved X1 series. We introduce to you the latest embodiment of the famed and loved line of Exway X1 boards the The X1 MAX.

It’s still sleek. It’s still stylish. It’s still fast.

We have increased the capacity of the battery. We have tweaked the width of the deck. We are utilising our Exway forged and CNC’d Trist trucks with universal barrel bushes. It’s more of what you know and love from one of the most highly regarded electric skateboards on the planet.


As the name suggests the FLEX has a flexible deck designed to be both comfortable and stable. The FLEX is fast enough to scare even the most experienced riders but has 4 speed settings so it can be made safer for novice riders.

It has a Smart 259WH battery with a range of up to 25kms and is equipped with the latest safety features like real-time monitoring and auto battery storage protection mode, IP55 water proofing and our proprietary Fast-Swap Drive Train System.

The Exway FLEX is the new kid on the block that beats other self proclaimed premium boards in features and performance.


Exway's formidable 'All Rounder'. The WAVE is the board for anybody whether it be your first electric skateboard or another addition to your quiver.

Featuring a 216Wh Fast Swap Smart Battery that can be changed in as little as 10 seconds and last up to 24 kilometers. Integrated, smart lighting system that's run by the 2.0 ESC and accessed through the remote control.

This Cruiser board packs features and performavec that rivals electric skateboards almost twice its size and price.

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