Smart Phone Enabled App

Customise your ride from one most advanced but user friendly Exway App.
Read all the real-time riding info. Adjust acceleration and braking curves to maximize range, increase power and updae your firmware.
  • 3 preset modes for different skill levels along with further simple settings to customise acceleration and braking.
  • Turbo function. Enjoy hair-raising top-speeds of 40km/hr* with turbo-mode activated.
  • Select your wheel size in the app for more accurate speed and distance calculation.
  • Set your preferred custom standby time, the board will automatically shut down after the chosen period of inactivity.
  • Activate cruise control, change gears while moving, enable Free Mode and more.

Scan the QR codes below to download the Exway App direct to your device. 

Download the Exway App for iPhone or Android devices

*Note local laws regarding speed, and ride legally and responsibly on public property.