Increased Battery

The Atlas Pro sports a 35% larger battery compared to the Atlas Carbon, with a staggering 701wH of capacity. If that isn't enough, an external battery - the AUXPack can be paired with the Atlas Pro for a total combined capacity of 1752wH. With Exway's smart BMS managing the two packs, enjoy up to 170km of range, on one charge. 


Due to the extreme performance of the Atlas Pro - being able to hit speeds of up to 60km/hr, we've upgraded and optimised the drive train for maximum stability and safety. 

Reengineered R3 Remote 

The new and expanded control menu allows you to tweak your board configuration and toggle into turbo mode straight from the remote, instead of the Exway App. 

Supports smart power on/off, switching riding modes, toggle forward/reverse, cruise control as well as a trip meter and odometer. 

Bluetooth 5.0's increased speeds and stability, OTA firmware updates now only take a couple of minutes. Even if the connection drops during an update, the remote keeps a backup of the previous firmware to revert to. 

New App and Cloud Services

The Atlas Pro's ESC and remote have been re-enginerred with cloud connectivity for a truly 'smart' experience. Alongside that, a new app with cloud services is available for the Atlas Pro. 

Functional Settings - A new settings menu includes auto board configuration, quick toggle ride modes etc.

Ride Logs - View the details of your recorded rides - speed, distance, route taken etc. 

Atlas Carbon vs Atlas PRO Comparison Chart